Raincity Bike Crew - Vancouver Motorcycle Group

Located in Vancouver, BC? Come join our Vancouver motorcycle group chat on Discord!

If you live in or near Vancouver, Canada, and you have a love for motorcycles and making new friends, then we'd love to have you join our Vancouver motorcycle group. Our Vancouver motorcycle meetup group enjoys weekly to biweekly social events (ice cream meetups, grabbing a coffee, lacrosse games, trying out new bars and restaurants, games nights, going to concerts etc.), and of course, motorcycle group rides!

We are a geeky, chill, welcoming, and fun group of motorcycle-loving people of all ages.

The Raincity Bike Crew welcomes Vancouver motorcycle riders and enthusiasts of all ages, motorbike types and backgrounds. It doesn't matter what motorcycle you ride (yes, even scooters!), just so long as you love meeting other riders and being part of a great riding community. Most of our group rides tend to be chill and at speed limits, with snacks and drinks along the way!

NOTE: Our motorcycle group is for active members only, either active on chat, or actively coming to meetups (or both!). Lurkers will be removed from the group if they have not been active after a month or two.

We do not encourage illegal riding or anything to endanger others on group rides. If you're an anti-vaxxer, Tr#mp lover, or only care about going "fast as f#@k", then this Discord is not for you.

WHAT IS DISCORD? Click here to see Discord FAQs and more info.

Discord chat rules

  1. Must be located in or near to Vancouver, British Columbia.
  2. No racist/sexist/derogatory/overly NSFW/political/religious content. No gore, and no pics of bike accidents please. Have some common sense. We encourage healthy fucking amounts of swearing, just don't be a dick!
  3. Advertising other discords, or anything that could be seen as annoying to other users is prohibited. This includes posting links that may be harmful.
  4. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate messaging of our members, and this includes inappropriate messages in chat (fetish/creepy/porn/hentai/weeb videos, pictures etc.).
  5. If you have animals, it's mandatory to post pics of them in the pets channel. Jk but not really jk. Please post pics of your cuties!

If you need to report someone from the chat, or if someone is harassing, or spamming you through DMs, please message one of the Discord moderators directly.

Click on the discord link below to join our Vancouver motorbike chat group.